Race Horse

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File under: “all-rounder.” The Race Horse focuses on everything that’s right with surfing; performance! This is the board that’ll embarrass the hip. No timber finless to be seen here, no fucking open vest's either, fuck off.

For god's sakes, put this pony on rail. It holds that line perfectly due to the single concave and a medium to low rail. It sports a continuous rail line rocker and a pulled in squash tail for that waft and pop to make you a surf star. Frankly, it’s the only board you’ll ever need. Maybe get excited and get on the Q! Or at least pretend to.. Have mock heats with ya friends n shit, they will be toast.

 Surf anything from two to six feet. For intermediates, wanna be's and pro's.

 Shaped and designed in col lab with CHILLI surfboards. Custom order only. 3 weeks delivery.

*Colour and paint options available on special request. Your desired dim's not available either? Well then, email us direct: info@highlinesurfco.com

**Aus only shipping. International by special request.