Dark Horse

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Oh, so you’re the code red kinda guy? Right-O Shane-O! The Dark Horse is a set-up that’ll sync with ya swollen bollocks nicely on those rides to the dark side of the moon

 Complete with a well balanced thumb-tail (meaning, not too wide for the big, not to pointy for the small), a single concave right in its guts, helping you hold through turns when you’re out on the face. Flat bottom behind the fins means easy release and rail-to-rail is fluid. 5 fin set up opens the thruster or quad option's to give you optimum tube riding capabilities. 

Glassed appropriately for good waves 4 to 8ft plus. For those keen to feel the wind in their hair, drive on the face and line in the tube, intermediate skill to pro. 

 Shaped and designed in col lab with CHILLI surfboards. Custom order only. 3 weeks delivery.

 *Colour and paint options available on special request. Your desired dim's not available either? Well then, email us direct: info@highlinesurfco.com

**Aus only shipping. International by special request.